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About Us

Two Local Offices

We are now available in two major areas, Rhodes & Newington. With our belief to continue growing and develop ourselves to better serve our clients, our team is stronger than ever. We now have two offices servicing both the areas and its surroundings, and we have progressed ourselves to take even a stronger responsibility of the work that we carry out as we are now targeting a much larger market area.

C J Real Estate 

We possess unique skills and qualifications that enable us to stand out as an international consulting and marketing company. CJ Int’l has developed a very strong multicultural project marketing team with many years of experience in their respective fields. Our diverse sales team enables us to market high rise apartments, medium density commercial and industrial projects. 


Our professional sales team individually conducts the marketing program for the property. This means that we devoted to achieve the sale of your property. Our sales team have been extensively trained and have strong marketing and communication skills. it is important that trained sales personnel handle your sales. 

Support Staff 

Our office has excellent back up staff who have been working in the industry for many years and will provide the necessary support to ensure all our clients are kept fully informed and satisfied. 

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